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  • Strong and durable polyester web slings
  • Encased in a tubular sleeve of polyester fabric

  • Great to use for awkardly shaped or fragile loads
  • Good for lifting and pulling application
  • Color-coded for quick identification

  • Meet EN1492-2 standard requirement



Part NoProduct DescriptionDimensionWLLColorPackage
68021 Round Sling 45mm 1 ton Violet --/Bulk
68022 Round Sling 50mm 2 ton Green --/Bulk
68023 Round Sling 60mm 3 ton Yellow --/Bulk
68024 Round Sling 70mm 4 ton Gray --/Bulk
68025 Round Sling 80mm 5 ton Red --/Bulk
68026 Round Sling 85mm 6 ton Brown --/Bulk
68027 Round Sling 90mm 8 ton Blue --/Bulk
68028 Round Sling 100mm 10 ton Light Orange --/Bulk
68029 Round Sling 120mm 12 ton Dark Orange --/Bulk