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Plastic packaging has been widely applied on ratchet straps for years, but paper packaging is the Next Big Thing ! 


As awareness of environmental protection is trending, more and more customers have requested for Eco-friendly materials in order to meet the government severe regulations and also to further stimulate customers' need. In respond to this market demand, we are now offering top three popular items in paper package. 


Moreover, paper package is a great choice to minimize the systematic risk, for example, severe fluctuation of material cost. Finally, our new paper package has greatly reduce the product weight. Lighter weight not only saves labor force in the warehouse, but also makes end users easier to carry products home and easier to dismantle straps from the package. At the same time, end users can still try to use the ratchet, touch the webbing...etc to check quality as before. 


In general, advantages for three party are : 

  • For manufacturer: Fulfill corporate social responsibility- Eco-friendly material reduces cost and time on assembling straps.
  • For buyers: Cost down- Reduce material cost, systematic risk and shipping cost. 
  • For end users: Stimulate higher demand- Able to buy eco-friendly, better usability and lighter products. 


Cardboard 3type


Part NoProduct DescriptionDimensionLoad CapacityBreak StrengthKilogramPackage
69171 2" x 27' Ratchet Tie Down, B.S. 10000lbs (4545kgs) 27' 3333lb 10000lb 4545kg 1pc/Cardboard
1" x 10' (25mm x 3M) Ratchet Tie Down, B.S. 900lbs (409kgs) 10' 300lb 900lb 409kg 4pc/Cardboard
69173 1" x 6' Cambuckle Tie Down, B.S. 900lbs (409kgs) 6' 300lb 900lb 409kg 4pc/Cardboard
69176 1" x10' Ratchet Tie Down, Zinc Plated Ratchet 10' 500lb 1500lb 682kg 2pc/Cardboard
69177 1" x 6' Cambuckle Tie Down, Zinc Plated Buckle 6' 400lb 1200lb 544kg 2pc/Cardboard


We are now offering 1"x 10' Ratchet Tie Down, 1" x 6' Cambuckle Tie Down and 2"x 27' Ratchet Tie Down for chioce. For customized paper package or specification, please leave your message on the contact form or contact us at


We look forward to hearing from you,

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